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What Is The Point of a Circumcision?

What Is The Point of a Circumcision?

What Is The Point of a Circumcision?

Circumcision is one of the oldest social and cultural practices of man. Its origin is not known, but centuries of the removal of the foreskin has been practiced by many communities. Different communities hold various beliefs concerning circumcision.

Some consider it a religious signature, others make it the sign that a boy has crossed over to manhood. For other ancient people, it was equated to the breaking of the hymen in women while in other societies they considered it a way of discouraging masturbation.

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Is There Any Benefit of Circumcision To A Man’s Health?

Many people hold different beliefs that vary across communities and societies. According to scientific research, there are chances that circumcision may be of benefit to the health of man. Among them include:

  • Reduced chances of contracting foreskin infections
  • A lower risk of getting infections in the urinary tract
  • A circumcised man also has minimized chances of getting penile cancer
  • Sexually transmitted diseases are also less likely to infect a circumcised man

Basically, having your child circumcised makes him less prone to getting infections that are associated with the penis and urinary tract. The foreskin can harbor bacteria, especially if it is not well cleaned. This creates an opportunity for an infection to manifest itself.

Is Circumcision Completely Necessary?

On most occasions the decision of whether someone is to be circumcised of not is usually determined by the parents. It is not compulsory that a man should undergo circumcision. For the parents who opt to circumcise their sons, they will also decide the time when it is to be done based on several factors. For example, people who carry out circumcision as a ritual may decide to circumcise their kids when they reach the age which is considered ideal for transition into manhood from boyhood.

Let it be known that if you decide not to circumcise your child, nobody should harass you or your kid about it. It is neither required by law nor is it a medical policy. Some of the reasons why parents may decide not to circumcise their kids may include:

  • Fear of surgical complications
  • Being afraid of penile damage
  • Fear of the pain their child will feel
  • Others may consider the foreskin a type of protection for the penis and therefore they may not want it removed.

However, these are extremely rare complications. In most cases the circumcision process is successful.

How Should A Circumcised Child Be Cared For?

It is important that a child be well cared for after circumcision. The wound should be cleaned and washed each day and it should also be checked to ensure that the healing progress is good. They should also be kept on a diet that aims to improve their blood levels and encourage the healing process.

The Bottom Line

Circumcision is a procedure that is not mandatory. People can choose whether to have it or not. No one should be forced into it. For those who have it done, they need to be well cared for until they heal. It should also be done by a certified professional and preferably in a hospital. The equipment used should be sterilized. If complications arise after the procedure, visit a doctor immediately.