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The Importance of Circumcision

The Importance of Circumcision

Do You Need a circumcision?

All male are born with a foreskin. It is a mass of skin that covers the glans of the penis. This is a covering that grows with time as the child grows. Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin leaving the head of the penis exposded. Circumcision has been practiced for a long time in different countries, and is usually accompanied by various religious beliefs.

The procedure is quick and only takes a few minutes. It involves the use of scissors or a scalpel to remove the foreskin. For some, this is done as a result of religious or cultural beliefs. In most cases it is done in the first few weeks after childbirth. It can be done later in life although complications may arise as a result.

Reasons why you need the procedure

If you are wondering whether or not you need a circumcision, the short answer is yes. The procedure is a recommended for its health benefits. Reasons may include:

  • Cultural acceptance

More than 80% of males in the world are circumcised. Religious or cultural beliefs will dictate whether or not circumcision is right for your child, but the choice is yours as a parent.

  • Phimosis

Phimosis is an infection of the penis that affects older boys who are not circumcised. The infection causes the inability for the foreskin to retract and as a result, causes pain. It is recommended for people experiencing this condition to undergo a circumcision. This is also known to treat paraphimosis.

  • Hygiene

The absence of the foreskin reduces the likelihood of potential complications associated with the penis, and enables better hygiene standards.

Why are some men not circumcised?

Not all men are circumcised. Reasons may include:

  • Fear of surgery such as infection or bleeding
  • Social beliefs of the person or family
  • Cultural and religious beliefs
  • If you are born with penile or foreskin complications that do not allow for the procedure
  • If you are born with a disorder such as hemophilia 

Decision Making

Making the decision to undergo circumcision is entirely up to the parents, and their personal beliefs. However it is important to consider the health benefits of the procedure.

The Bottom Line

Circumcision is a simple and quick procedure that has been practiced by many countries and cultures. Its health benefits outweigh the risks, but it remains a decision the family must make, as cultural and religious beliefs play a major role in the procedure.