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10 Signs Your Partner Is Going to Cheat

Democrats are more likely to cheat, but also more likely to forgive

Politics also seems to have an influence on whether or not a person will cheat. Data gathered by the General Social Survey from 1991 to 2014 found that Democrats had higher rates of infidelity than Republicans, at least concerning men. In the 18–65 age group, nearly 19% of male Democrats stated they had participated in an extramarital affair, whereas for Republicans, this number was just over 15%.

However, research has also found that Democrats are more likely to forgive infidelity than their right counterpart, and, moreover, Republicans have a higher rate of divorce. While the majority of both groups believe cheating is morally wrong, 13% of Democrats over the age of 18 said they could accept an unfaithful partner versus 1% of Republicans. Researchers believe earlier marriages, lower income, and less education in predominantly “red” states are the reasons behind these numbers.

So, although Democrats have been derided as morally loose, it seems Republicans don’t have much room to talk themselves!