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10 Signs Your Partner Is Going to Cheat

Men are more likely to cheat than women, except in the 18-29 age range

Multiple research studies have found that men are more likely to be unfaithful than women in most cases. According to the Institute for Family Studies, 20% of men have admitted to cheating compared to 13% of women. However, age does play a role in the likelihood of male cheating.

Most notably, men have a greater probability of committing infidelity than women in all age groups except in the 18–29 range; in this group, only 10% of males admitted to cheating versus 11% of females. While many would assume men are more likely to cheat in their twenties, in actuality, the data has shown that men in their seventies have the highest cheating rate, at 26%. Other studies have found that men who hit milestone birthdays, like 50 or 60, are more inclined to cheat, possibly as a subconscious way to reaffirm their masculinity, which they see as dwindling with age.