Can My Child Develop COPD?

Can My Child Develop COPD?

Can COPD Develop in Children?

By definition, COPD is a serious lung condition that has developed over a long period of time. Numerous studies explained that children cannot have COPD; however, the disease process can begin at a young age.

One can observe the symptoms associated with COPD in a child, like difficulty breathing, wheezing, and non-stop coughing with or without phlegm; however, these symptoms can be caused by asthma, cystic fibrosis, pneumonia, or other pulmonary conditions.  Diagnosing COPD for individuals who are younger than 30 years old is considered to be very rare.

The risk factors associated with COPD and children, such as having asthma, having serious untreated pulmonary infections during childhood, and being exposed to smoke and other irritants, can lead to COPD. As per numerous studies, genes can play a large role in the development of COPD. An individual's genetic make-up can make the individual prone to acquiring infectious diseases and sensitive to different irritants.

Can I Protect My Child from Developing COPD?

Try and keep your child away from opportunities that can lead to them inhaling second-hand smoke. Moreover, if you have a caregiver, advise him or her to follow the same practice.  

If your child has a difficult time breathing or coughs excessively, consult with your physician immediately. Medications will be administered upon your visit and it is imperative that you follow the directions absolutely, as it can prevent future complications.