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6-month-old itchy scalp: Is this cradle cap?

My 6 month old has been itching her scalp for a while now. Most recently it started keeping her up at night. The pediatrician said she doesn't think it is cradle cap, but I am starting to think it is. I have been using a ton of eczema cream with no relief. Should I try using an OTC cortisone? And if so for how long? Are steroids safe to use for a baby this young?

2 Answers

If it mainly in the scalp it probably is cradle cap. Moisturize skin and scrape up scales with soft brush. You can also give benadryl liquid 1 ml every 6 hours if itching. Cortisone should be used sparingly and only for a week at a time
First of all, wash your child's head not more than 2 times a week. Then you can use OTC cortisone 10 ointment or cream once a day for a week. It should be helpful to add to aquaphor ointment daily. After improvement with cortisone - one week - keep using eczema or aquaphor daily.