Dermatologist Questions Jock Itch

77 Year Old Man With Jock Itch

Being a male at 77 years of age, how does one develop jock itch at such an age?

Male | 77 years old
Complaint duration: 20/5
Medications: Creams
Conditions: Jock Itch

4 Answers

Can be related to weight or tight clothing. Would need to see it.
Age does not gives special privilege against skin diseases. The reverse is true.
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Sweating, tight clothing so groin can't breathe, body heat and secondary yeast infecion
Jock itch doesn't have to do with age, it's basically a yeast/fungal infection. It's the same stuff that causes tinea versicolor, tinea pedis (foot fungal infections) (tinea corporis)- it's basically areas you sweat in. To avoid it- if you sweat, shower shower shower. Selenium sulfide works great, OTC in selsin blue. Of your doc's giving you a steroid with an antifungal, they are actually doing wrong.