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A glass piece has gone inside my foot and the area has become red. Will a podiatrist be able to help me?

I recently had a fall and though there were no major injuries I think a glass piece has gone inside my foot. First I thought it was only due to the accident impact and didn’t pay much attention, but now the area is looking red. Should I go a podiatrist to get the piece removed? Or should I go to another specialist?

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Yes, you should contact a local podiatrist. Podiatrists are very qualified and used to finding foreign objects, such as glass, in the foot. If not removed, the object can cause infection and pain and difficulty walking. The sooner the better to avoid complications.

Dr. Jeffrey Kleis
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A good foot doctor will be able to handle this very efficiently!
Yes, go see your podiatrist. They can see if the glass is there with an ultrasound and take the shard out in the office if it's not too deep.
Absolutely we are trained for these types of issues.
I recommend you be evaluated by a podiatrist and do this sooner than later
Podiatrists are exactly who you should see whenever you suspect a piece of glass or other foreign body may have punctured your foot. They are the best suited to treat this condition. The redness may indicate the beginning of an infection and should be addressed as soon as possible. If you have difficulty scheduling an appointment to see a podiatrist due to their schedule being booked up, ask them if they can squeeze you in as you think you may have an infection. If you still can't see them immediately, then see your primary care doctor or an urgent care center to see if you need an antibiotic and then see the podiatrist as soon as possible after that. Try to avoid putting weight on the puncture site as walking on the area can push the glass/object deeper into your flesh making it more difficult to remove later. It is much easier to remove these shards of glass from a fresh wound, than it is from a wound a week or months later.
Yes, you need to see the Podiatrist immediately.
You should absolutely see a podiatrist for this problem. He can determine whether or not you do in fact have a piece of glass in your foot and if you do so remove it. Not removing a piece of glass can lead to a severe infection which could severely disable you causing you great pain and discomfort. My recommendation is see a board certified podiatrist as soon as possible.
Yes. May require surgery to remove depending on the depth.

Ahmad Farah, DPM
Yes, a podiatrist can take care of that. We are trained in that type of problem.
Yes, you can see a podiatrist for this issue. Do not delay, as it sounds like you are getting an infection.
If you recently stepped on a piece of glass and the area has become red, there is a chance that you might be developing an infection. You should see a podiatrist for further evaluation.
Go to a podiatrist
This is a problem that should be addressed immediately. Your local Podiatrist is the right specialist to address this problem.
Yes, go to a podiatrist.
You need to see a surgeon or an emergency room doctor as quickly as possible. The area is infected and the infection could spread up your leg. This could happen sooner if you are a diabetic.
Quick Action:
Removing tiny glass fragments from the plantar (bottom) soft tissue of your foot needs to be performed delicately and ASAP. This procedure can be relatively easy or difficult depending on how deep the glass shard is located and how quickly you report to your podiatrist. Typically, X-rays are not able to differentiate glass from soft tissue because the densities of both are so similar. One key element to locating the glass is to know how to do the least cutting when removing this foreign body. It is prudent to remove the glass immediately, before it migrates deeper into the foot.

Avoid Infection:
Also note that you need to avoid the risk of infection as soon as possible. Soft tissue infections are usually treated easily with antibiotics, whereas bone infections (may occur if treatment is delayed for too long) are often only resolvable by removing the infected bone (partial amputation).

Bottom Line:
If you have glass in your foot, then you need to get this looked at as soon as possible. Podiatrists are foot experts. Orthopedic Surgeons trained in foot surgery are also excellent choices. Other allied clinicians may be of assistance as well.
It sounds like the area is starting to get infected and/or irritated from the residual glass fragment. A podiatrist manages this in his/her office fairly frequently and routinely by anesthetizing the area with some local anesthetic and removing the glass fragment. Unless the infection is severe, this procedure, an incision and drainage, is typically sufficient to resolve the infection.
Yes, a podiatrist who performs surgery on the foot will be able to help you. The podiatrist might order some X-rays or MRI to see if they can find the location of the piece of glass and size of it. Most likely, surgical intervention may be necessary to remove the glass from your foot.
Podiatrist should be the first choice.
A podiatrist can absolutely help with your problem!
A podiatrist should be able to help. I would seek attention if the area is becoming red. Possible infection could be happening with the puncture wound.
I would go to a podiatrist to have the foreign body removed and manage any infections that may be evident.
A Podiatrist would be a great option for this problem and would be able to fix the problem with ease. Thanks!
Yes, you should find a well-trained surgical Podiatrist to help you. Foreign bodies, especially things like glass (that does not show up on x-ray) can be difficult to find and remove.