Urologist Questions Dark urine

About urine test results

My son urine has very dar. We had a urine test and the results show 3 stars. Tomorrow we will have a blood test. I want to know how serious is this? And what could cause this? What should we do?

Male | 12 years old
Complaint duration: 07/03/2018
Medications: No medication
Conditions: No pain just scared from the urine colour

2 Answers

Please address his hydration issues first - Make sure he's drinking normal amounts of fluid. If regularly dehydrated, he should have a blood sugar test to exclude diabetes. Fluids to start at 20mls per kg straight away and repeat a couple of hours later.
The most common cause of dark urine is a lack of sufficient liquid intake. This is not common among youngsters, but also not unknown. If your son has no other symptoms, for example if it hurts when he pees, try making sure that he drinks at least 2 quarts of liquid per day, and see if this does not solve the problem.