Urologist Questions Dark urine

I have a brownish discharge while urinating since yesterday. What could it be?

My urine looks brownish and very dark in color since yesterday. I'm not dehydrated. What could this be?

4 Answers

Brownish urine can mean many things. It can mean blood in the urine, usually old blood, it can also mean bile in the urine. If you have liver disease the urine can turn brown. A fistula to the bladder or urethra from the colon can cause brownish fecal matter to color the urine. A brownish discharge from the urethra maybe either blood or an infection. I would advise you to get checked by a urologist. A urinalysis should be done.

Clifford D Gluck MD FACS
Urine is a byproduct of what we eat/drink. For example, if we eat beets, urine may have a tinge of pink color. Are you drinking something "new?" Are you using a new pill,] or new medication? If this persists, have your urine checked, preferably by a urologist.
Good luck.
Could be "myoglobin" if you did a lot of heavy exercise or had some trauma to a muscular area. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and visit your doctor right away.
H/P examination is needed