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Antidepressants and dog allergy?

Can having a dog, if you also have pet allergies, cause an SSRI antidepressant to stop working? I've read histamine levels would rise and this inhibits serotonin. The antidepressant in question is sertraline.

Female | 53 years old
Complaint duration: A few months
Medications: Sertraline and loratadine

3 Answers

Wow! Or should I say bow wow! Lol! Truthfully, I don’t have the answer. I do know that many medications can have anti-histamine effects, including some serotonin medicines. However, I must plead ignorance. I am not specifically familiar with SSRIs in regard to dog allergies per se. I frequently combine certain antihistamines with SSRIs to potentially augment sedation, and appetite and even use them to decrease serotonin syndrome. You actually ask a very very brilliant question. The ultimate expert would likely be your personal allergy immunology physician that is helping you with dog allergies. I hope this helps you.
This could reduce the effectiveness of your antidepressant. One step to
take would be to increase your dose gradually, looking for benefit and or
side effects.
Histamine may cause antidepressants to not work as well, consult with your
provider to see if changes are needed to your medication.