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Appendix moved itself - scans confirmed?

In the UK, the doctors lost my appendix in an ultrasound but found it in a CT scan. It's moved to my back where my persistent daily pain occurs. They let me go out of the hospital because the inflammation in my appendix decreased with antibiotics, but the pain's been back for 2 weeks. Is it that my appendix is trapping nerves or inflamed again?

Female | 24 years old

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Even though there are plenty of articles to suggest it can be treated with antibiotics, what they fail to mention is it takes patients a lot longer to return to a normal life, and the infection can return. My personal recommendation is if you were diagnosed with appendicitis, have it removed. It's a non-essential organ, and you won't even know it's missing.
The appendix is like a finger that sticks out from the cecum (the first part of the colon). Imagine the appendix like the hands on a clock. It can be in ANY position around that colon like the hands on a clock. Most of the time the appendix is in front (anterior) to the cecum, but it can be behind the cecum towards the back like yours is. It did not "move itself," it has probably been like that since you were born. The US did not "see" your appendix because the colon was in the way.

As far as the ongoing pain, some people do develop a "chronic appendicitis" that reoccurs. Of course, there are lots of things that can cause the back pain you are describing. The only way to know for sure that the appendix is the cause is if the pain resolves after the appendix is removed. Consider following up with a surgeon for a diagnostic laparoscopy and laparoscopic appendectomy.
Hope you get better soon!!


Dr. P
Consult with Physician again. Look up possible positions of appendix anatomically on Google or You Tube. It can be anywhere in the abdomen, even in your back.
If your appendix is inflamed then this usually requires surgery. It seems that maybe the doctors are not sure if the appendix is the problem and that is why they are giving antibiotics instead of doing surgery. The appendix does not "trap nerves" but it can become inflamed on and off.