Doctor Questions Kidney Infections

Bladder infection

When you have a kidney infection, does it mean the kidney stone has passed and did some damage while passing or its just and infection because it hasn't move to your kidney as yet and causing blockage? I really don't understand the difference could you please outline it for me. Thanks

Female | 21 years old
Complaint duration: 4 days
Medications: Yes
Conditions: Bladder infection

4 Answers

Typically it is more common for an infection to move from the urinary tract/bladder up to the kidney if untreated. Kidney stones do not usually cause an infection, but will cause pain and sometimes a little bit of blood in the urine. A blockage from a kidney stone is a very painful and possibly life-threatening condition, but not usually an infection. Kidney stones are separate and pass through into the urine and are very painful. Infections are caused by bacteria in the urinary tract or kidney and also can cause pain and urinary symptoms. If you are having symptoms and are unsure what may be going on, it is always a good idea to see a doctor for a urinalysis and an examination to determine what may be going on.
Work with your urologist
Kidney stones if they are blocking the urinary system then the stagnant urine can get infected. But passing a stone does not cause UTI
You don't have to have a stone to have a bladder infection. The infection in the kidney could be due to a number of reasons.