Family Practitioner Questions Skin Rash

Bothersome rash

I have a rash on the crotch area and I have tried OTC meds that haven't worked should I see a doctor or can I try something else? I thought it could be caused by shaving??

Complaint duration: 6 days
Medications: Hydrocortisone and an antifungal

4 Answers

It is really best to have it looked at in person. This rash can be fungal in nature but it is always best to have it evaluated.
This is definitely something you should have looked at. It can be anything from ingrown hairs to a bacterial infection from shaving or something else. See your provider to get this diagnosed. Best of luck!

Dr. Kelly Walker DNP, FNP-C, APRN
It could be irritation or in fact either a bacterial or fungal infection. You need to see a doctor locally and have it diagnosed and treated.
Take Care and God Bless
This rash looks hyperaemic secondary to irritation. The picture is not so clear...but a good history and examination by your family physician would shed some light as to the cause and hence the treatment of this rash. Rashes and skin related disorders are hard (almost impossible) to diagnose by looking at a picture.
Kindly see your Dr. for further management.