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Do I need braces if I have 1 crooked tooth at the bottom?

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Please consult your orthodontist to determine what treatment works best for you.

Thank you for your question.
If you have a crooked lower tooth, you don't necessarily need brace treatment. Can you floss between each side tooth of the crooked tooth? When you swallow, are you placing more force on that tooth? Being able to floss around each lower tooth and brush the gum line is important. Your bite, the way your teeth come together, may have to be adjusted so your biting forces are even all over. You may ask your dentist if you want to change the appearance.
Not necessarily but it could lead to a worsening of the alignment of the teeth on either side. It would be best to have an orthodontist take a look at it and then advise you. If treatment is recommended, it may be something that can be fixed with just a retainer or a very limited Invisalign treatment.
It sounds like you could benefit from orthodontic treatment. Braces may or may not be necessary to achieve the desired results. Please consult your local orthodontist.
No, you can choose to do Invisalign, braces, or crown the tooth, depending on how crooked the tooth is.
Please check with your local Dentist. When a tooth is crowded it can interfere with your gum health and disturb the opposing tooth.
If you desire to straighten this braces or Invisalign is recommended.
That all depends on how crooked the tooth is. Teeth are wider at the chewing edges than at the gumline because when straight the wide area holds the roots apart and makes room for the surrounding bone. If the roots of teeth come too close together, the bone can be compromised and you might lose a couple of teeth. Would that be a problem?
You can have Invisalign that is express and can fix these minor issues.
Not necessarily.
Without seeing the tooth and how the rest of your teeth fit around it, it is hard to say if you "need" braces. There may be other options.

If I were you, I would find a Board Certified Orthodontist in your area and call to see if they offer a free consultation. These consultations are usually pretty quick and may involve some complimentary photos and x-rays as well as an office tour to let you get a feel for the competence and friendliness of the orthodontist and their staff.

This website will allow you to find a Board Certified Orthodontist.
Do you NEED braces? No. Would orthodontics fix the crooked tooth? Yes. Are there other means that may possibly straighten the tooth? Yes. You could ask your dentist about the possibility of doing a crown instead, to make the crooked tooth appear straight. Otherwise- Yes braces could fix it but no, you don't need them.
Yes, in order to help maintain healthy bone and gum support.
If you seek the consultation of an orthodontist in your neighborhood it is very possible that one tooth can be corrected with just a retainer and less invasive than full braces. Most orthodontist are busy enough that they're not going to make a simple case into something complex possible to visit will be free because it's only an examination. The retainer will cost to fabricate it and there will be visits to adjust it but it will be far less expensive than the likelihood that the problem gets worse untreated as you age.
It is up to you. If you want the crooked tooth to be corrected and aligned, then yes, you would need braces or InvisAlign.
Strictly speaking no one really ever needs braces. Having misaligned teeth is not a life or death matter.
A single displaced tooth is probably more a cosmetic concern. If you can keep everything clean you can likely avoid braces unless the misplaced tooth bothers you
Invisalign is a great way to fix a minor situation like one crooked tooth. Sometimes minor movements can be done in as little as 4-6 months, with as little as 10-12 trays.
You may be a candidate for Invisalign. Consult with an Orthodontist.
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There are many different choices available for crooked teeth, but depending on the severity of crowding, not all are good choices. For your case, sounds like Invisalign, braces, and possibly retainers could be choices. Do remember that even though you may feel it’s one tooth, dentists are cognizant of your bite. Do visit your dentist or orthodontist.
Possibly yes, but you need to discuss and understand the reasoning of the decision with your dentist or orthodontist/brace specialist.
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It’s very difficult to give a definitive answer to your question without seeing your actual case.
In reality, the implementation of the treatment depends on the extent of improper position of your tooth and amount of extra space, or lack of it, available for correction. Actually, this information is extremely important and can affect the decision you make. In case if you have enough extra space, which is pretty rare in these kinds of situations, then it’s very easy to correct.
It’s all a matter of degree of severity. Usually a single tooth out if position does not indicate a “need” for braces. It also depends upon how your teeth meet together when you bite. A single “crooked” tooth may just be a cosmetic concern, but it depends upon what else is going on at the same time.