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Burning sensation?

I have some questions concerning my feet. I have been feeling this hot burning sensation on my feet during summer, and now in winter. I feel this cold like a burning sensation, like a burning-cold sensation. It feels like my feet attract and react to weather conditions, unlike any part of my body my feel this sensation only on my feet. I also observe it stops immediately I start making active movements like walking down a few blocks for a few minutes or stand for some minutes, or in most cases, I place my leg up above while I sit down. These little measures help to relieve me the trauma for some time (minutes) but as soon as I sit for 30 minutes or so it comes back again.

I would be grateful to know what is wrong with me and how to totally stop the burning sensation.

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May have a vascular issue , seek medical advice
Burning is usually an indication of a nerve-related problem. There are many causes of nerve related pain, including problems with the lower back/spine/spinal cord, autoimmune disease, Diabetes, Trauma, Surgery, Vitamin deficiencies, nerve entrapments, viruses, tumors, and many other things. If this problem has been present for more than a month, and/or is getting more painful/problematic, it would be of benefit for you to see a foot and ankle specialist, and/or a neurologist. There is a test called a Nerve Conduction Velocity/Electro Myograph study which will diagnose exactly what type of problem you are having with your nerves (but my still not actually give you the cause of the problem-sometimes can/sometimes does not).
These symptoms can have various causes, from circulatory to neurologic to arthritis. It would be best to see your podiatrist for a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan.
Are you getting a lot of swelling? If elevating your foot helps the pain it could be some swelling. I would try some compression socks and see if that helps. The burning and cold sensation could also be a neuropathy. I would go see a podiatrist because they may need to do some studies on your legs or feet to see what the exact issue is.
It is physically impossible to make a diagnosis or tell you exactly what is wrong. You need to be evaluated either by a foot and ankle surgeon, or a neurologist to give you an accurate diagnosis.

Thank you,

Dr. Gorman
Not enough info to assess properly. Please see a podiatrist to get examined and diagnosed. Burning sensations are often nerve related, but vascular problems may be present.

This could be due to several things. Do you have any back issues? If yes you could have a pinched nerve in your lower back. Do your toes turn different colors in the cold? You could have something called Raynaud's disease. It is difficult to give you an answer without examining you. I would recommend that you see a foot specialist.

Good luck

Dr. Lui