OB-GYN (Obstetrician-Gynecologist) Questions Breast Cancer

Do I need a CT scan, or MRI SCAN after losing my second mastectomies?

I had breast cancer twice in my life, my first breast cancer diagnosed in 2000 feb, mastectomy in march 7 stage ii grade ii invasive ductal carcinoma. My second breast cancer diagnosed 2017. But not include stages it is high grad. My mom died breast cancer I had twice.

So I lost my both breasts for breast cancer.

Dad and brother died bladder cancer.

Do I have worry about my health and do I need a proper check up by surgeon?

Female | 63 years old

5 Answers

Given your family history and personal history, annual screening by an oncologist would be advisable and prudent.

Dr. Trevor Wing
The surgeon who did your second breast surgery should be able to tell you what follow up you need or if you needed chemotherapy and saw a medical oncologist, that type of doctor can recommend a follow up plan. For your general health check up you can see a family doctor and of course a gynecologist can take care of any problems related to your female organs. I hope this helps you.
Keep in touch with your oncologist.
See an oncologist who will get the required tests needed.