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Can I get my teeth straightened while pregnant?

I am pregnant and want to straighten my teeth. Can I get my teeth straightened while pregnant?

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I would say no. Because you need X-rays, plus hormones can mess with your gums, bones and joints. I’d suggest waiting a year after you give birth.
Yes, you can.
There is some thought that teeth may move more easily during pregnancy. Whether you personally can have your teeth straightened now depends. Are your gums healthy? What trimester are you in? Typically, X-rays are needed before any type of orthodontia can be performed.
Did you have current x-rays before becoming pregnant? Speak with your OB, dentist, and orthodontist.
Yes, you can get your teeth straightened while pregnant.  But because the pregnancy hormones can cause an over-reaction to plaque leading to pregnancy gingivitis, traditional braces can make it more difficult to clean your teeth.  A buildup of plaque in non-pregnant orthodontic
patients can lead to sore, swollen gums, but a pregnant person could have an excessive reaction. Clear braces or Invisalign would be less likely to make you susceptible to pregnancy gingivitis.  Another thing to consider is the possibility of morning sickness. Impressions or even
digital scans may be more difficult to tolerate in pregnancy, and nausea may be triggered by any sort of oral appliance.  So, yes, it is definitely possible to have orthodontic treatment while pregnant, but it may be problematic for some individuals.
Yes. Just speak with your dentist about which option is best for you braces or clear aligners.
Yes, but probably more comfortable to just wait
Yes. Main problem we see with a pregnancy is that the xtra hormone level can cause your gums to bleed if you don’t keep the teeth clean.