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Can a chiropractor help me with a pain in the back of my thigh?

I had pulled my muscle while working out at the gym and the back of my thighs seem to hurt while walking. I took a painkiller and the pain is somewhat better, but it is still not completely gone. Can I visit a chiropractor to get relief from my pain?

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Yes, a sport’s chiropractor can help an injured hamstring muscle recover. Pain relief is just part of the healing process. A torn muscle needs to repair itself correctly and pain medicine won’t do that. There is a proper method of healing a torn muscle and a chiropractor can help you with that.
Yes, if you can't see a chiropractor, go and get a massage (0r both) Hard to diagnose without being seen. There are plenty of homeopathic supplements that will not harm your body to take instead of pain killers....
yes, the chiropractor will align you and show you proper stretching techniques.
Sure, that could be the beginning of sciatica. You should seek chiropractic care immediately before it worsens !
Yes, chiropractic can help in most cases, if it is a nerve related.
Your chiropractor may be able to help with other modalities in conjunction with an adjustment to provide some relief. They may also be able to rule out other issues that may be the cause to your situation.
Yes, spinal adjustment in the low back region of the spine to release the pinched nerve, followed by some stretching exercises.
Dr. Samuel Cirone
Yes, there are techniques to help strained muscles.
Yes, absolutely, a chiropractor can help if you cannot get the muscle pull stretched out yourself. Find a good sports chiropractor in your town and they should be able to evaluate a muscular injury and treat it the same day.
Allow a bit of time and rest for a muscle strain to heal up completely.

Then consider finding a chiropractor that can adjust your hips so the muscle can stay healthy and not be prone to injury in the future!

Yes. Find a chiropractor that offers active release technique and laser therapy. I use it here in my office and it obtains almost immediate results for strained muscles.
Yes. Chiropractic physicians can diagnose and treat strained muscles of the posterior thigh, if that is the correct diagnosis. Other problems of the posterior thigh have to be ruled out, such as sciatica (radicular pain or other symptoms like paresthesiae, numbness, etc.), referred pain, problems with the hip or spine, and others.
A chiropractor can treat a soft tissue injury like a pulled muscle or bursitis. I have treated conditions that have caused similar hamstring pain. It will probably take more than one visit to get you 100%.
Absolutely. Chiropractic would be your best option to get back pain relief from that. Visit your local chiropractor.

Dr. Quentin Smith
Yes, but I would recommend you see one who practices sports chiropractic. The ACA Sports Council has a list of specialists on their website at
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Dr. Simone
Yes, absolutely. The medicine merely masks the symptom, the chiropractic adjustments will correct the cause of the symptom, without side-effects.

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Melissa Perotti, D.C.
Most chiropractors will deal with muscle pain especially if it’s related to the nerves of your spine. You might want to try alternating heat and ice to calm the inflammation and reduce spasm. But definitely give chiropractic a try.
The longer you wait the longer it might take to heal.
When we work out, we are tearing muscle in order to build more muscle fibers. Often, this is painful or causes soreness, but usually only lasts a few days. Sometimes we damage the muscle tissue a little too much and the pain is more intense, lasting for weeks. This is what is called a muscle strain. The muscle tissue is more severely damaged and takes much longer to heal. Sometimes you hear people use the term muscle sprain or just a sprain/strain injury. These are misnomers, as a sprain in damage to ligaments, which connect bones together, where a strain is damage to a muscle or tendon, which attaches muscle to bones. With that in mind, the natural history (or average time to heal) for a mild strain injury is 3 to 6 weeks. So, if you do nothing except rest the area, that is what you can expect for healing time.
Chiropractors can help to not only speed the healing process, but also improve the function of the muscles after the healing occures. Keep in mind that some Chiropractors don't treat soft tissue injuries and only perform chiropractic adjustments to joints, so you will want to ask if they treat soft tissue injuries before you make your appointment. In my practice, I treat muscle strains in 3 ways: First, I use either Therapeutic Ultrasound or Electrical Muscle Stimulation, with moist heat (or ice if the injury is very acute- 1 week or less). This helps to both relax the muscles, which are often in spasm, as well as reduce the inflammation that builds up in the area. Second, I use a soft tissue technique, such as massage or Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). This helps to release tension in the muscles, as well as brake up fibrous adhesions (where the body builds up fibrous tissue, similar to scar tissue, in the muscles to help prevent further injury) that develop due to the injury and impede the function of the muscle long-term. Finally, I use chiropractic adjustments of the spinal and/ or extremity joints. This improves the structure of the framework which the muscles are
attached to and enables them to perform better, with less tension, and without having to compensate for joint restrictions.
Most often, these treatments improve the level of pain as well, but if not, there are topical ointments that have an analgesic (pain reducing) effect, which can be applied in the beginning. My patients usually feel 70-80% better in 2-4 treatments and have little to no pain after 6-8 treatments. We have the best results from doing several treatments close together (2-3 times per weeks) in the beginning. Fewer visits can work, too, but it does take longer to improve.
Depends on what kind of chiropractor you go to. Our field is split into different philosophies. If you go to a chiropractor that does modalities such as tens, ultrasound, laser or soft tissue work such as massage therapy, graston technique, active release, etc. then you will definitely get some relief.
If after a thorough examination, it is determined that your pain is originating from your spine, the answer is yes. Many people gain relief from this type of pain.
Yes, a chiropractor can definitely help you with your thigh pain. The only way to guarantee that the chiropractor is able to address the problem is if a physical exam is done to locate the problem at its source. If it is a problem that the chiropractor can help with, they should tell you. If it is not, they can refer you to the best professional to help you with that problem.
Many times, when a muscle is pulled during a workout, they result from misalignments of the spine or joint. These misalignments in the joint can cause irritation to be placed on the nerves of the body, which causes the pain you are feeling.
Visiting a chiropractor can help a great deal. Especially a Sports Chiropractor. Adjusting the pelvis, low back, and hips can decrease unnecessary tension being held in your legs and low back. This will allow you to heal quickly and experience less discomfort throughout the process. As part of the process the chiropractor may also be able to recommend stretches and exercises for you to do at home to aide in your healing.
In my office we do muscle work that breaks up adhesions in the muscle fibers to help restore normal function to the muscle. Not all chiropractors do this type of work.
Yes, Chiropractic can help to recover quicker and help balance your body and prevent injuries. Also stretch pre and post workout.
Yes I can
Yes. A Chiropractor can help you with the pain you feel at the back of your thigh. The nerve that controls that muscles comes from the low back and travels down to your toes. So there may be some issues with the alignment of your lumbar spine (low back) or pelvis. A Chiropractic evaluation would be able to pinpoint exactly where the dysfunction is. Check with your PCP to ensure that there are no other pressing issues, but do follow up with a Chiropractic visit with the Chiropractor that is right for you and I know you will find success with this issue. God Bless!
Possibly. Your question is too vague for me to know for sure. But the long muscles of the upper thigh and lower extremities definitely work with your pelvic bones. Therefore chiropractic may help you quite a bit. As with all of my answers if you find a competent chiropractor you will have much more success.
Yes, we can help with pulled muscles and thigh pain. It also depends on the type of injury. A proper exam by a chiropractor will help decide whether or not it will help in your case.
Yes if it is purely joint or muscle related. If you have a more significant problem such as muscle rupture or other related pathological symptoms the Chiropractor should be able to diagnosis it and refer you to the proper specialist.