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Can acupressure help with allergies?

I have seasonal allergies and want to treat them. Can acupressure help with allergies?

12 Answers

Acupuncture yes
Acupressure no
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I do acupuncture which is stimulation of the points with needles. I do not do acupressure
Yes, both acupuncture and acupressure can help with allergies but will need to be performed throughout allergy season.
It can relieve symptoms. Acupuncture can address underlying cause of the problem. Good luck.
Dr. Leila
Acupuncture is good or one of the best treatments for allergy. It helps boost the immunity for the long run.
Yes. There are various protocols for treating allergies. Your practitioner will most likely also want you to take some herbal formulas. It will be a series of treatments. Stick with it and be patient. We're trying to heal your body and that doesn't happen over night.
Yes, acupuncture can help with allergies.
Yes, acupuncture helps with allergies. Read more here:
I don’t have experience to treat seasonal allergies with acupressure, but I have experience to treat theses with acupuncture and herbs; it works pretty good!
Yes, acupuncture can usually help with allergy and allergy symptoms.

Please make sure you're seeing a board certified, state licensed acupuncturist. You want a provider with a Dipl AC or Dipl OM national credential and an L.Ac. or R.Ac. state practice license.
I do acupuncture not acupressure, but yes acupuncture can help with seasonal allergies