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Can acupuncture help in treating GERD?

My husband is having a lot of problems because of GERD. He has been taking medication for it, but nothing really seems to work for him. Can acupuncture help us treat his issue?

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Sure. There are a lot of studies that prove acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help with GERD.
Yes, GERD is an imbalance with the body and acupuncture can be a helpful addition to your treatment plan.
Quickest answer is yes. Stomach issues are one of the most successful things I've personally seen acupuncture help. Skin issues would be one of the more difficult ones.

We will go over nutritional therapy, emotions, i.e. stress, some possible dietary changes and of course the acupuncture therapy.
Yes, GERD and acid reflux are common digestive disorders that I see in my clinic and are fairly easy to resolve.
Yes! If he’s taking anti acid medication, I recommend not to take it long term because it can be counterproductive. Talk to your acupunturist and they can help with symptoms and to nourish the organs needed to treat the root
I have helped several people get off of their medication with acupuncture and food recommendations based on their body types and personal imbalances.
Yes, acupuncture can help asthma effectively.
Combination of proper diet and acupuncture can help with GERD. Please contact a licensed acupuncturist for consultation and at least 4 treatments to see result. There are Acupuncture points on stomach to open up the meridian for energy to flow. Also stress free lifestyle can help drastically. Good luck. Thanks.
Acupuncture does not treat western diagnoses but we do treat any of the symptoms one is experiencing due to any condition. When we eat, the food is supposed to go down to the stomach. If food gets stuck or comes back up, then there is a blockage in the system. Acupuncture points are used to correct the flow of energy and to restore energy to the organs that "weak" and therefore not able to perform their jobs. I also incorporate nutrition into my practice and usually see that the stomach is actually not acidic enough to digest foods properly and I use supplements to help restore any damage done and then to properly acidify the stomach, maybe adding in some enzymes to make sure our food is being properly digested and available for energy.
Acupuncture can help with many of the malfunctions of the different organs in the body and the stomach is one of those organs. Acupuncture has had great success in strengthening the function of the stomach and its sphincters, as well as balancing its production of stomach acid levels.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease or(GERD), happens when the lower esophageal sphincter muscle at the end of your esophagus, where the esophagus joins the top of the stomach,
does not close properly. Its function is weak or not happening at all. This allows stomach contents mixed with the stomach acid to leak back, or reflux, into the esophagus and irritates it. The person may feel a burning in the chest or throat, called heartburn.

Other things that a person can do to help with this situation while seeking help with acupuncture is to strictly observe a no eating the dinner/supper meal late at night. Finishing the meal NO later than 7pm. This early meal policy will keep people from going to bed on an over-stuffed stomach. Lying down after any huge meal, especially late at night will greatly increase the chances of acid reflux symptoms. Making sure to discontinue eating any greasy fried foods or foods high in saturated fats will help. Also, controlling portion sizes for all meals, but especially at the evening meal will greatly assist one in avoiding chances of a recurring bout of acid reflux. Eating smaller portions for all meals, but increasing the number of meals throughout the day can also help. This will keep the blood sugar levels more even through the day, keeps hunger feelings away better, and the stomach will not feel so stuffed that it wants to reflux its contents back into the esophagus and possibly damage the sphincter muscle.

Hope this information helps your husband and anyone else following this advice.

Jeffrey W. Beimler, L.Ac. MsTCM
Acupuncture has certain therapeutic effect on GERD disease.There are several causes of GERD disease, which is the best treatment for etiology.In addition, the adjustment of lifestyle is also one of the effective ways to improve the GERD disease. By eating less and more meals, and improving the weight, it can effectively reduce the abdominal pressure and achieve the goal of reducing the general gastric acid.In order to reduce the intake of gastric acid secretion food, alcohol, fatty foods and Fried foods should be eliminated, and carbonated drinks will also need to be controlled due to increased abdominal pressure.Chocolate and coffee contain a lot of caffeine and are also blacklisted.It can increase the intake of basic foods such as tofu and kelp.
First, I would check the patient's tongue, pulse, perform a meridian test, and ask questions involving lifestyle. I have some patients who have GERD and with most, I have to use acupuncture, herbs, and also they need to make lifestyle changes, including their diet. Most of them find relief with time.
GERD is a common diagnosis in those experiencing continuous regurgitation of stomach acid into their esophagus, and it is a condition often seen in an acupuncturist’s office. There are several possible underlying causes of GERD, and in acupuncture it is important to identify the unique reason for the disturbance. Rather than seeking to lower the amount of stomach acid (as medications aim to do), acupuncture treatment involves regulating the digestive function to correct the pattern of acid moving upward instead of downward where it belongs. Lifestyle and dietary modifications as well as herbal medicine may be included in the treatment of GERD by an Acupuncturist.

Karina Klimtchuk, L.Ac., Doctoral Fellow, E-RYT500, CIAYT
Absolutely, I have treated many people for this. Acupuncture can calm the symptoms and improve overall digestion.

Dr. Florida
Yes, it could be helped by acupuncture treatment, but from my past experience, it is directly related with over eating and improper elimination. Food is not going down freely and stays in the digestive track too long. Check with your MD to find out any possible obstruction or the cause of slowing down the process.
Yes. I also handle this condition with herbs and supplements as well. Very treatable condition.
Yes, acupuncture can help with GERD. There is a specific subset of acupuncture called NAET that can help a lot with the symptoms of GERD. It takes about 15 treatments, but the symptoms of GERD should lessen.
Yes acupuncture will help calm the stomach and then I recommend a couple digestive supplements to help, I'd look at his foods, and slowly taper off the medication (most likely acid-blocker which makes GERD worse).
Yes. Acupuncture works to regulate the entire digestive system and addresses several triggers of GERD. We can also work with dietary counseling.
Yes, I treat GERD very frequently. As a very important part of the treatment, I also give my patients food enzymes and probiotics. The GERD happens because food is not digesting quickly enough, sits in the stomach, and ferments. The biproduct of fermentation is gas which opens the valve above the stomach and allows the stomach acid to flow upward. Food enzymes help the food digest more quickly and completely and pass down into the rest of the digestive system so the acid reflux does not happen.
Acupuncture can help with the symptoms and often the underlying cause of GERD, especially when combined with Herbs and nutritional supplementation. We would also need to look at diet and lifestyle as well to get this under management

GERD problem is treatable by acupuncture. I had that problem for almost 10 years and when I was a Ph.D. student at Vanderbilt University, I was treated at the hospital and with no result. Then acupuncture did when I did not believe in it at all. So amazing was the result that it built up my interest in it and eventually went to learn acupuncture. I still remember that so very often my chest pain woke me up in my sleep, and I had to sit up on the bed to let the fluid settle down into the stomach again.
Yes, please refer to the following information:
GERD is difficult to treat with western medicine. Acupuncture and sometimes combining it with herbs are most effective.
Yes, acupuncture can definitely help with GERD and other digestive issues.
Yes, acupuncture can definitely treat GERD. Because everyone responds to acupuncture on an individual basis, one cannot predict the degree of change nor how many treatment will be necessary.

Richard Mandell, Lic.Ac.
Thank you for your inquiry. Acupuncture can help patients with GERD, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and other upper digestive issues.
It may help. Probably would know within one to two treatments. May only provide temporary relief, but then meds generally only provide temporary relief.

Glenn R. Williams, D.C., L.Ac.
Thank you for your question! Acupuncture has been very helpful in treating GERD. A lot of the treatment is focused on bringing balance to the stomach. We utilize acupuncture points as well as nutritional or supplemental heralded to help with the balance of acids and digestive function as well.


Dr. Mitchell
Probably using acupuncture and herbal medicine would be effective.

Best wishes,

Mike Berkley, L.Ac, FABORM.
It is a very good question and I get the same question on almost a regular basis. Yes, with experience, it has been proven that even with a patient who has not responded to drugs will get positive results with acupuncture. Acupuncture usually does amazing results with the digestive system.

Dr. Maryam Mansouri, Lac. OMD.
Hi! Acupuncture does help with acupuncture and GERD symptoms. With needling and certain diet modifications there can be substantial relief!
Yes, especially when combined with Chinese herbs and nutritional education.

Joy Pattee DeYoung
Yes it can help.

In general, acupuncture is very successful in treating GIT disease depending on the severity. However, some action is required on your part like following proper diet and lifestyle modifications and such.
Acupuncture works well for GERD if it is combined with oral herbal Rx.
Absolutely! I have treated several people for this and in my opinion it is the best course of treatment (especially since the long term use of medication interrupts digestion as a known and listed side effect; but please consult your doctor about whether or not to stop taking medication).
The exact cause of acid reflux or GERD, is still unknown. The drugs available do not cure the disease, and they have side effects plus they have limited effectiveness in suppressing the symptoms.

Studies have proven the effectiveness of acupuncture in reducing transient lower esophageal sphincter relaxations (TLESRs). This muscle lets food to move to the stomach. In GERD sufferers, this muscle relaxes at the wrong time, letting acid move into the esophagus and initiating the irritating heartburn.

In the study an acupuncture point on the wrist reduced the frequency of TLESRs by more than 50% in 1 hour. Now that was with just one point. Imagine what a treatment from an experience acupuncturist could do for your husband's GERD.

Yes. Acupuncture helps GERD. I also would check how he deals with stress and check his diet. I believe he will get a lot of benefit from acupuncture treatment.

Hope he is feeling better soon.

Jonathan Fang
Absolutely. This is a common pattern wherein the energy of the stomach is reversing. The acupuncturist would review his diet and routines and advise accordingly.
Acupuncture is very helpful for treating GI conditions.