Pulmonologist Questions Asthma

Can asthma go away?

My regular doctor diagnosed me with asthma at my last visit. But now my symptoms are gone and I haven't even treated it yet. Is it possible for asthma to go away? Could it maybe have been another condition similar to asthma?

3 Answers

Asthma can change as people age. Sometimes asthma diagnosed in childhood goes away and returns later in life.

The question I have is, did you really have asthma or a process that mimicked asthma like symptoms. Any process that can precipitate bronchospasm (wheezing) such as reflux disease, post nasal drip from allergic rhinitis and even medications can cause a patient to wheeze and act like asthma. Even an upper respiratory tract infection with virus and simulate asthma. Best let your physician know if you have any of these other conditions.
There are many conditions that can simulate asthma, was this a brand new episode? First time ever? Consider reactive airway disease syndrome (RADS), wheezing and cough present only after common colds. Do you have chronic rhinitis or heartburn? Having a short period of asthma would be atypical.
Asthma certainly can go away, especially if it occurred after a clear provocation like a viral respiratory
infection or an inhalation injury.
There is a saying in medicine that all that wheezes is not asthma. Other syndromes like congestive heart
failure, vocal cord dysfunction and others can mimic asthma symptoms.

Matt Horn MD