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Can damaged teeth affect other teeth?

I am a 49 year old female. I want to know if damaged teeth affect other teeth?

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The short answer is yes. Damaged teeth due to decay, means that the mouth has a high bacterial load, or at least higher than normal. Therefore, if decay is present, it colonizes on itself and it reproduces exponentially. This means that the teeth in proximity to the area of decay become places where the bacteria can reside and affect those teeth similarly. Also, if teeth have wear and tear and are affected in that way, supportive teeth like molars can wear down and other teeth in the arch can begin to wear at a similar rate.
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What do you mean by "damaged teeth" and "affect"? The effect depends on the severity of damages. For example: The tooth is rotten (tooth decay) with an abscess. It definitely will affect the adjacent teeth. There are lots of factors that we needs to look at in order to provide a proper treatment plan. I advise you to visit your dentist to have a proper consultation.

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Carries, or "cavities," is a contagious disease and can affect not only the adjacent teeth, but also those throughout your and your significant other's mouth, as the bacteria causing problems is increased when you have an infection. If your teeth are damaged due to trauma, the effect on other teeth will typically be minimal, assuming they are healthy. However, if the trauma creates a space that packs food or reduces the distribution of chewing forces, those things can cause damage to other teeth.
Yes, depending on the damage
Yes, they can.

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