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Can dental implants cause sore throat?

After getting dental implants I have a sore throat. Can dental implants cause sore throat?

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No the implants themselves but the procedure
Yes if the implants are infected or failing and becoming loose.
I've never seen it happen
In my professional experience, I have not seen a patient getting a sore throat from a dental implant. There could be another underlying cause for it.
Not directly but being a foreign body and implant could indirectly reduce the basic defense/immunity against infection and an antibiotic course is recommended when placing an implant. Again soar throat and implant placement are no directly related to my knowledge.
No. Probably a side effect from the surgery.
Great question! Dental Implants themselves will not cause a sore throat but a virus, bacteria, or allergy will! You should check with your physician if you have had a sore throat for more than a day, you may actually have a seasonal allergy, strep throat, or a virus!
Having one or more dental implants is not a contributing factor to developing a sore throat. The materials used in both the dental implant and crown that goes on the dental implant are safe and extremely unlikely to cause any adverse effects on the oral environment. If the sore sore developed after placement of the dental implant, that can simply be associated with having dental work done. Any time we do something out of the ordinary, our body may respond in a number of ways. Holding one's mouth open for an extended period of time, receiving local anesthetic injections, and having a dental implant placed can all be contributing factors of the body responding with a sore throat for a short time. If the sore throat persists or seems excessive, it is always best to consult with your primary care physician.
Yes, it is possible. Muscles can become swollen and it makes swallowing a little painful, but the good news is that it usually goes away in a couple of days. Also, your jaw muscles may become rigid after the surgical procedure.
I have not heard implants to cause sore throats.