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Can tartar buildup on dentures?

I am a 69 year old male. I want to know can tartar buildup on dentures?

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Absolutely. That is one reason that you should still have dental visits as the tartar can be removed with an ultrasonic cleaner while your tissue and overall dental health are evaluated.
Yes,this is common.
Yes, if you cannot keep clean and follow the direction to keep overnight in water with cleansing tablet.
Tarter does build up on dentures. Tarter is hardened plaque. Many people do not take care of their dentures. You should remove your dentures. You should be cleaning, brushing the outside surface of your dentures, and brushing (not raking) the tissue side. If you are using denture tablets, follow the directions on the package. If you see particles of debris on the bottom of your denture case, that is garbage. You want to dump the liquid out, rinse out the case, and let it air dry. Do not soak your dentures in bleach. The pink acrylic may turn white! Do not use PEROXIDE to soak your dentures - it may make your dentures rough. Your mouth is very sensitive.
Yes, tartar does buildup on dentures! They must be brushed upon removal and placed in a denture cleaner daily. Even with that, tartar may build up, but not as frequently, or as much. They should be cleaned professionally at a dental office, while you as the patient undergo an exam of the soft tissues of the mouth and throat! This is sooooo important!
The same minerals that precipitate out of saliva onto teeth can do the same onto dentures. Some refer to it as tarter, other call it calculus. It is the same thing. It is a risk factor for gum disease when it is on natural teeth. When removing it from hard natural teeth, scraping type instruments are often used. It is a cosmetic concern when it is on dentures. Dentures are softer than teeth and can be scratched if it is cleaned off by scraping. On some dentures the tarter can be softened using vinegar. It can then be rubbed off with no damage. Ask your dentist if yours can be cleaned in this manner. It is also okay to clean some dentures in an ultrasonic cleaner. Your dentist can let you know if yours could be cleaned in this manner.
Thank you for your question.
Yes, tartar can and does build up on dentures. Dentures should be brushed daily with a specific denture brush. They should be soaked when they are out of the mouth. For most people, dentures should be out of the mouth during sleep. The cleaning tablets are helpful but do not replace brushing. There are also ultrasonic cleaners that can be helpful. It is advisable to have your dentist evaluate your mouth once a year. The tartar can be removed from the denture, the health of your mouth and gums is checked, and the fit of the denture.
Yes, absolutely. 
Yes. Dentures must be cleaned daily.
Yes, it does build up on dentures, that is another reason it is advisable to get new dentures every 5-7 years, and it can cleaned by the lab if the dentures are not that old.

Absolutely! Dentures must be properly disinfected, brushed and cleaned daily to prevent tarter accumulation. Tarter on dentures is tedious and difficult to remove. It's much easier to prevent than remove.