Optometrist Questions UV exposure

Can the UV rays make someone blind?

I read an article recently that spoke about the ill effects of being exposed to UV rays. It even said that one could become blind with excessive sun rays exposure. Is it true? How should I protect my eyes? (other than wearing sunglasses)

5 Answers

Sadly, this is true. UVA and UVB have both been implicated in causing cataracts, and macular degeneration. UVB is a skin cancer agent. So, it’s best to try to avoid midday sun. Wear sunglasses, a large brim hat, long sleeves, find a cool spot in the shade, and a cold drink this summer!

Wear polarized sunglasses and don't look into the sun
Wearing sunglasses is a good idea. Otherwise healthy individuals should engage in lots of outdoor activity as it is healthy for many reasons. Of course do not stare at the sun and use skin protection.
No but it ages the eye
Use polarized sun glasses
Prolonged staring at the sun directly can cause macular damage