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Can vertigo be treated with acupuncture?

I'm 34, and I'm experiencing vertigo attacks very often now. Is it possible that this can be treated with acupuncture?

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine we learned that vertigo is a problem caused by heart and bile organs or viscera. A good practitioner should be able to help you with your vertigo.
yes. I encourage you to book a session with your practitioner of choice to get help with relief.
Yes, it can be treated with acupuncture.
Yes, acupuncture can help with vertigo.
Yes, I have had a lot of very successful cases.
Vertigo can be treated by acupuncture. If it is crystal fall off in the ear, some movement also can put the ear crystal back and stop vertigo. Acupuncture helps balance the energy, which helps stop vertigo.

Jonathan Fang Lic. Ac.
Yes it can. Acupuncture is helpful for vertigo. Consult an Acupuncturists. Depending upon the type of vertigo you have a simple home technique that often cures it completely can be found here:
Vertigo is treated with acupuncture and herbs quite well. You should also get a physical therapist or doctor to do the epley maneuver on you.

Valerie Ducos, L.Ac.

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Vertigo is frequently treated successfully with acupuncture. We will first do a complete history and evaluation, which will help us to better advise as to course of treatment.
Yes! Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is highly effective for vertigo and other related patterns. Acupuncturists first determine what type of vertigo you have based on your symptoms and move forward with a specific protocol depending if your pattern is deficient, in excess or if the vertigo is being caused by internal pathology vs. vestibular issues.

Kristi Swicegood, MTOM, L.Ac
It depends what caused the vertigo. I believe acupuncture can treat vertigo caused by blood pressure irregular changing, middle ear problem, and some neck problems.

Yes, Vertigo can be successfully treated with Acupuncture. I need to do a full assessment in order to obtain the rational for your Vertigo. There could be many reasons why you are experiencing vertigo, and all possible causes will be considered. However, in some cases, after my assessment I may have to refer you to a Neurologist, because in some cases the Vertigo is a symptom of a neurological condition that cannot be treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine, and you may need western diagnostic methods as prescribed by your Physician.
It's depends of the cause of problem.  The most commonly I see in my practice for vertigo is due to BPPV where the crystal in your ear dislodged.  In this case, it can be treated by the simple maneuver (ie: Epley's).  I recommend to go ENT first and obtain proper diagnosis.
Shuko Ward DAOM, LAc., Dipl.OM, FABORM
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Acupuncture can work good with vertigo.

Yes, it can, however, Neurolink is better suited as it can get to the root cause of why you have Vertigo.
Yes, we have to evaluate other factors that might contribute to vertigo. It is treatable.
Yes vertigo can be treated with acupuncture. I’m acupuncture vertigo is a condition of not enough Qi and blood circulating to the head, in which the needles can help tremendously.
Yes it might help. But before considering acupuncture I strongly suggest to visit your MD for assessment
Acupuncture can help with vertigo. We have been treating many cases with great success.

Be well, be confident, we can help.
Yes! Acupuncture works exceptionally well to resolve vertigo.
Seek a licensed acupuncturist to assess you.
Yes Acupuncture can help treat vertigo.
Yes, please check with a local acupuncturist in your area to get a complete Chinese medicine evaluation. Then follow with acupuncture treatment for your vertigo.
Acupuncture can help if there are no dramatic structural issues. So if no one else has been able to help you should definitely go find a licensed acupuncturist in your area.

Good luck
Yes, acupuncture can help with vertigo - sometimes. I've had mixed success. I guess it depends on what is causing it. So I would certainly give it a try!
Yes. Acupuncture is actually a very effective treatment for vertigo. Some acupuncturists will also include dietary counselling to help alleviate the symptoms.
Yes, vertigo can be treated with acupuncture, but you should find a good doctor!
Yes, vertigo is related to the equilibrium of the inner ear. Therefore, it could be treated.
Yes, it's possible to treat vertigo with acupuncture. I've treated it successfully for several patients.

To get the best results, please make sure you're seeing someone who is licensed as an acupuncturist in your state. Outside of CA, you can visit and use their "Find a Practitioner" look up.