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Can you get an infection from wearing contacts for over a month?

I am a 15 year old female. I want to know can you get an infection from wearing contacts for over a month?

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Wearing contact lenses for an extended period increases the risk of eye infections due to several factors. Prolonged use can lead to a buildup of debris, proteins, and bacteria on the lenses, making them a breeding ground for germs. It also reduces oxygen supply to the front of your eyes which also contributes to infections. Additionally, failure to follow proper hygiene, like not cleaning the contacts and storage cases, increases the likelihood of bacterial or fungal contamination. The contact lens material may degrade over time as well, potentially reducing its ability to resist infection.
The short answer is yes. Shorter is better to avoid risk of infection. Many people overwear their contacts. Dailies is the safest,
It's extremely dangerous overwearing your contact lenses, even if approved for extended wear. All that mucous and debris you pick up over this time is food for bacteria. Plus contact related infections usually are much more serious and often more difficult to treat, resulting in permanent corneal scarring and possible loss of vision. Dr. Horner
This is a great question and I will present a few questions for you that you should have the answer to, and I will provide you with some other facts. YES, you can get an infection from wearing contact lenses over a month. But, here are a few questions that you must answer for yourself. When you say, "for over a month", have you been instructed to wear your contact lenses for less time, such as 2 weeks, and are you wearing them longer, which you should not do. Are you sleeping in your contact lenses which your eye doctor needs to know? Are you cleaning and disinfecting your contact lenses with solutions that your eye doctor has prescribed? Are you storing your contact lenses in a safe, clean case and are you using the correct, prescribed storage solution?
I always say to my patients "that contact lenses are not glasses". There are risks in wearing any contact lens whether it be a daily disposable contact lens, a 2-week, quarterly, or monthly daily lens. All directions and disclosures that should have been provided to you must be followed at all times. And sleeping in contact lenses adds an additional risk. I would strongly suggest that any questions or concerns that you have be directed to your eye doctor that prescribed your contact lenses. And please keep all follow-up eye appointments. Here is 1 of many websites that also address your question:


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Hi, Yes, if you wear your contacts more than their FDA-approved time frame, you are increasing your risk of getting eye infections and ulcers (which can be very painful and scar over on your eye). Definitely make sure to remove your contacts nightly and replace them on time. Thanks, Dr. Tang
Always you have to keep them clean. As long as you comply with hygiene it will be OK. You can use your contact lens even longer. Never sleep in your contact lenses

Yes, sleeping in contacts increases your risk of infection every day we sleep in them. We should never sleep in lenses that are not designed for extended wear. Modern lenses have been okayed for up to four weeks of continuous wear. Discuss with your doctor how long your particular lenses are safe to sleep in. I advise my patients not to sleep in their lenses for more than about a week; it’s safer and the lenses feel less grody.
Thanks for the question!

Dr. John Lowitz, OD
Absolutely, yes!!! No contact lens should be worn for a month. I recommend daily lenses, which are thrown away every day.