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Can you get veneers on bottom teeth?

I don't like the way my bottom teeth look. Can you get veneers on bottom teeth?

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Theoretically, it is possible to veneer your bottom teeth. I would recommend against using porcelain veneers because a) porcelain is very abrasive against tooth enamel and b) the veneered surfaces on lower anteriors would make contact on the inner surfaces of your upper front teeth.

Generally, you can expect a lot of wear and attrition of your enamel if you place veneers on your lower incisors.

In contrast, the outer veneered surface on upper incisors does not make contact with lower front teeth. Thus, there is no risk of accelerated enamel wear or attrition.
Yes, you can, but you need a comprehensive examination by your dentist to evaluate your teeth.
It may depend on your bite, but you can get veneer on top and bottom. You will probably need to wear a nightguard after they're done to protect the veneer.
You can get veneers on bottom teeth but it is less desirable because the anterior teeth on bottom aare so small. Veneers are most aesthetic when made of a material called emax, to fabricate an emax restoration you need to reduce the tooth by the thickness of a nickel leaving quite a small stump on the lowers. If you could achieve the same results with Invisalign it would conserve a lot of natural tooth structure.
Yes, you can get veneers on your bottom teeth. In some cases you may need to take care of your bite before you get veneers to make sure your veneers don’t crack and last forever. Call us to find out more at 817-585-4159.
The simple answer is yes.
Yes, it is possible.
Yes, you can both porcelain and composite. Chipped, discolored, and misshaped teeth are great candidates for veneers. Teeth that had a root canal treatment require a crown because they are more brittle and usually discolored. For teeth that are misaligned, you might consider orthodontic treatment first to save tooth structure.