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Can you use mouthwash with dentures?

I got dentures last week. Can you use mouthwash with dentures?

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complete dentures should be removed and kept out of the mouth some time everyday. this is to give the gums a chance to " breathe" and refresh themselves. likewise keeping th egums free from bacteria will also keep them in good shape.
Yes, you can use a mouthwash with dentures. i recommend baking soda and warm water.Teaspoon baking soda to an 8oz glass of water. Rinse then spit it out This process keeps the gums fresh and toughens the gum tissue.
Yes, you can. In fact it is a great idea to do so. I would recommend removing your dentures and rinsing with the mouthwash first and then washing and rinsing your dentures with soap and water and putting your dentures back in your mouth.
You have to clean your dentures outside your mouth, many good denture cleaners on the market.
Yes, you can use rinse your mouth with any mouthwash you like.
Excellent question. Alcohol-free mouthwash is a good idea, especially if it's antibacterial, such as Listerine Zero, Colgate Total or Crest Pro-Health. They probably won't damage dentures but I would still advise taking your dentures out of your mouth before using the mouthwash. Keep your dentures fresh and clean with a denture cleaning tablet or a toothpaste (and toothbrush) made for dentures because they are more gentle on the plastic so as not to scratch them. Just as you take your shoes and dirty clothing off at night, please remember to take your dentures out at night.
Mouthwash won't affect the acrylic on your dentures. As a best practice, it's a good idea to remove your dentures when you swish through with mouthwash so that you can clear it all before putting the dentures back in.

Ideally, it's best to avoid having small reservoirs of mouthrinse collect and sit between your gums and a denture. It can compromise suction and, also, it can be unhealthy for your gums to be in prolonged contact with the ingredients in mouthrinse products.