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Can you walk after ankle replacement?

I am a 34 year old female. I want to know if you can you walk after ankle replacement?

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Yes, usually it takes 6 weeks of no walking right after surgery before you are able to walk in a normal shoe after ankle replacement. I do a lot of them and walking after ankle replacement is good after and a lot of patients are able to do it easily. It is more high impact activities like jumping or running that is not recommended after a ankle replacement.
You need to heal from surgery prior to walking, and activity level will be determined by your surgeon post-operatively, but the goal is to have you walking after the surgery-so the answer is yes.
Yes, you can walk after ankle replacement and usually very well. The biggest problem with total ankle replacements at your age is that they wear out and need to be replaced, modified or transitioned to a fusion at some point.
The goal of ankle replacement is pain relief. If the surgery is successful you can walk without limitations. Running is not a good idea.
Ankle replacements are not usually done in your age group.
My wife (age 70+) had her ankle replaced 9 years ago and walks on it daily. You should review expectations and restrictions for such a surgery with the surgeon who will perform it.
Typically, absolutely. Ask your surgeon.
Yes, that's the main idea. Recommend against high impact activity (running, jumping, etc.)
Yes, but not immediately. Your doctor will probably make you use crutches for 3-4 weeks putting only a little weight on it during that time to allow for healing.

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Dr. Bose
Most people that have an ankle replacement are in constant pain and have difficulty walking. Ankle replacements have improved over the years and currently patients generally walk with less pain and with improved function. So yes you can walk and generally better. Should you run, jump or play aggressive sports—Probably not. Longevity due to loosening is still a problem in someone as young as you. If all else has failed replacement is a reasonable option. Make sure you see a foot/ ankle orthopedic specialist who has a good deal of experience. Ask for his/her results. Get a patient name or two that you might call or look for a forum discussing these. Good luck
Usually there is a period of non-weight bearing from 2-6 weeks after surgery, depending on the actual procedure
I would think that you are referring to the immediate post operative period. With that being said this is a question that needs to be addressed with your surgeon regarding your specific situation.

The goal of an ankle replacement is early active range of motion. So, you should be walking within 2 weeks after a replacement. Initially it will be in a boot.

Dr. Patel
Hello. You will need to be nonweight bearing for about 4-6 weeks.

Dr. Lui
In some circumstance yes but depends on surgeon preference and many variables depending on the implant used, weight, and other deformities. Typically, weight bearing is limited after surgery and protected in a boot or cast for the first few weeks. As with any implant, early range of motion is encouraged.

Ahmad Farah, DPM
Yes in time but that’s very young for ankle replacement. A fusion is a better procedure if surgery is indicated.