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Can you wear dentures 24/7?

I got my dentures 2 days ago. Can you wear dentures 24/7?

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It’s not recommended unless you have breathing issues such as apnea or you have discomfort in the jaws from reduced inter occlusal distance. It’s best to let the gums rest part of the day.
In short NO. You will develop a yeast infection. Minimum 5 to 8 hrs out of 24 no dentures.keep them wet in the box, clean them with a denture brush, and paste . Consult your dentist if you develop sores or tissue redness.
If you had teeth extracted when the dentures were placed, just taking them out to rinse them for the first week only is advised. After initial healing from any extractions, dentures are best left out while sleeping. The gums need a chance to "breathe". If you never removed your shoes, think about how your toes might get, or don't. For the 1st week after extractions, if the dentures are left out, the gums might swell overnight. Then the dentures would not go back in in the morning.
It is recommended to wear dentures all the time. In the morning and evening set a time when you will be able to make dentures for 20 minutes to let your gums rest and to clean and soak them in the denture cleaning solution. Taking off your denture daily will prevent gum irritation and potential yeast infection.
The old answer was you shouldn't. Like wearing your shoes to bed. Beside cleaning/rinsing them periodically during the day, the new answer is make sure to brush your gums thoroughly and keep the inside of the denture wet and wear them to bed. It helps maintain your bite and gives relief to you jaw joints. This is only true for complete dentures top and/or bottom.
You should take them out at night to give your tissue a rest from the
pressure of the denture. Essentially your tissue needs to breathe.