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Can you wear glasses for farsightedness all the time?

I wear glasses for farsightedness. I wonder if I can wear it all the time?

5 Answers

Yes, you can. I would advise to have an updated eye exam to ensure the eyeglass value is valid for the range of vision that you need.
Yes, if the prescription was measured for distance viewing.
This question must be answered by your eye doctor who prescribed your glasses and I hope that you were informed as to what you should do with your eyeglass prescription. Factors such as your age, visual needs for distance, close, computer work, or health conditions will determine what you should do with your wearing glasses and when. Since your eye doctor has all of this information, please contact them in order to have your answer to this important question. Good luck and best wishes.
Of course you can! Depending on the amount in the prescription, full time wear may be required. Kindest, Tiffani B. Jackson, OD
If they help , then yes