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Clogged right ear for 3 days?

My right ear has been clogged feeling for 3 days now. I ran a fever around 100.4 about 5-6 days ago but felt better the next day. Then all of a sudden my ear became clogged feeling, can't hear out of it, it was like it was underwater. I have been using saline, otc for mucus thinning, but Nothing is working. How can I unclog this ear? Thank you in advance.

Female | 47 years old
Complaint duration: 3 days
Medications: None
Conditions: Clogged ear

4 Answers

Contact your ENT doctor right away. This might be very serious and require immediate treatment to preserve your right ear hearing. Your description of the symptoms are also similar to someone with ear wax (cerumen) blocking their ear--so the issue could be resolved right away by the ENT or an audiologist by removing the blockage.
In either case, please make get in to see the first available ENT doctor.
Most likely there is fluid in the middle ear space as a result of your recent illness and that will clear on its own within a couple of weeks. However, there is also the chance that this is a sudden sensorineural hearing loss that requires immediate attention. I would strongly recommend you see an audiologist or ENT physician ASAP to determine the nature of the hearing loss. If this is a sensorineural loss there are treatments that can help recover the hearing, but they need to be started very quickly. When you call for an appointment inform the scheduler that you have experienced a sudden drop in hearing. He/she should schedule you to see the professional within 24 hours.

Probable symptoms of eustachian tube dysfunction and some congestion in the space between the nose and ear. Trial some Valsalva-type maneuvers to help to unclog the ear.
You are experiencing Eustachian tube dysfunction. Try gentle autoinsufflation (pinching your nose closed and blowing) as this may help "pop" your ear. Without knowing your medical history, I can't recommend specific medications. If this persists, see an ENT physician for assistance. Rest assured, this usually spontaneously resolves.