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Do I have a sleeping disorder?

For the past 1-2 months I've been experiencing this weird sleep thing (something I've never had before). Basically, I'm sleeping and in the middle of the night, I gain awareness slightly, but I can't move even if I tried. My heart starts racing, and I feel like I'm going to pass out or something even worse. If I breathe deeply and constantly try to move I can get over it and it goes away like nothing, but I never remember actually when it happens and I always fall asleep after I get it like it never happened. I looked into what I think it is (Sleep Paralysis) but it seems slightly less intense. It doesn't happen every night, but I just want to be sure it's not anything serious or something that causes side effects. Maybe it's something to do with sleep apnea but im not sure. If you have any answers it would be much appreciated thanks.

Female | 16 years old
Complaint duration: 2-3 Months
Medications: None
Conditions: None

4 Answers

It sounds like you're going through some scary and uncomfortable things. It’s great that you’re reaching out for some help. However, I would suggest a more thorough evaluation by a mental health professional who can rule out whether it’s a parasomnia, sleep apnea, sleep paralysis or part of another disorder. The web is a great source of information, but it can never take the place of an accurate diagnosis by a visit with a health professional.
I wish you the best on your treatment journey.

You have sleep paralysis, not uncommon. Typically from sleep deprivation. Other sleep disorders need to be ruled out if becomes progressive
Hello, thank you for writing.
It could be a panic attack or anxiety if it just started recently. If it’s disrupting your sleep, it’s definitely worth talking to your pediatrician or to a psychologist about. It might be worthwhile to discuss sleep protocols as well.

Dr. Siddique
I think you are on to what you may have. See this link for further exploration...,up%20to%20a%20few%20minutes.