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Hoorie Siddique, PH.D.

Psychologist | Clinical

Embolden Psychology is a new, innovative practice lead by Dr. Ronnie Siddique with offices in the DC metro area, Fairfax, and Montgomery County. Dr. Siddique works eclectically to help clients understand their strengths, have a clearer understanding of obstacles that hold them back, and to help promote a sense of satisfaction, courage, and joy. She deeply respects the individuality of her clients and targets problems using strategies and treatments that speak best to each person.

She values working collaboratively with parents, families, educators, and other treatment providers to make recommendations to enhance every client’s personal strengths and goals. Finally, she believes in the importance of between session support services by text, email, and phone, as needed. Dr. Siddique is trained in psychodynamic, interpersonal, and cognitive-behavioral therapy, as well as mindfulness/meditation. She has advanced training in neuropsychology and administers comprehensive psychological test batteries to help clients understand their patterns of cognitive, academic, social-emotional, behavioral, and executive functioning.

Dr. Siddique has been selected as one of the “Top 100 Doctors in the DMV,” by Northern Virginia Magazine. She is certified in Mindfulness-Based Contemplative Psychotherapy and DBT. Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Siddique by email or phone to ask questions, describe goals and desires of therapy or assessment, or for a brief consultation.
Hoorie Siddique, PH.D.
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