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Do I need to rest after acupuncture?

I am a 29 year old female. I want to know if I need to rest after acupuncture?

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Usually 24 hr down time past treatment n with acupuncture
Resting after acupuncture is very good to prolong the good effects. After your session your body will feel very relaxed. It is safe to drive after acupuncture.
only if you are tired
You do not have to, necessarily. But oftentimes, people feel more relaxed and tired, so you should remain hydrated and be mindful that normal activity may feel different, as your body is in "healing/relax" mode. Rest if possible, but you are allowed to go about your day if you need to.
Yes, it is advised, especially if you are coming in for an acute condition. Some people feel tired after acupuncture and this is normal. I have also had patients tell me that they feel energized after treatment. Alleviation of pain can boost energy, but it is important to let your body to adjust to the treatment and pay attention to what is going within the body. Both of these scenarios help with diagnoses and treatment strategies going forward.
I usually recommend patients relax after treatment in order to receive maximum benefit from their session. Gentle exercise is fine, such as stretching or yoga, but try to avoid super strenuous exercise. Also, drink a little more water than you normally do to help the detox process.
Is recommended to have an "easy" day after an acupuncture treatment. But that depends on what treatment you are receiving, the intensity of the treatment and the type of treatment you are been given. On a normal day, on a normal patient. It's recommended to take it easy, drink plenty of fluids, and not being exposed to big stressors.
Make sure to get enough rest and sleep. While some experience a jolt of energy after the acupuncture treatment .practitioners recommend savouring the boost because you might need it in the following days. Allowing your body to rest after the treatment helps restore your physical and emotional wellbeing as the healing sets in motion
Sometimes rest is needed depending on the condition.
It is good question. Acupuncture relax you, usually our patients feel sleepy after acupuncture. So you take a nap when you feel sleepy, that will help you heal and recharge you, make you a new person after you rest.
I recommend no vigorous exercise or swimming for about 6 hours after an acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture can have a very relaxing effect, so most of my patients like to take it easy.
Many people find acupuncture very relaxing and often even fall asleep. However, it is not necessary to relax after you receive an acupuncture treatment, though you may want to. You can continue your day, and you may find that you have a better night's sleep after receiving acupuncture that day.
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Mary Hills, DACM, LAc
No you can go right back to work or doing what ever you’d like
It can take about 12 hours for your nervous system to integrate any shifts in energy after treatment. While resting is always a good idea, you can go about your normal day after receiving acupuncture.

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Jean Donati Acupuncture, LLC
Nope! You can resume all normal activities after Acupuncture. If you do feel unusually tired later that day, or the next day, just communicate that with your Acupuncturist. It’s nothing dangerous, at all.. but it’s useful information so they can adjust the points, the number of needles or the length of time the needles are in. Enjoy your treatment!!
No strenuous physical activity is recommended.
It is helpful to rest or do mindful low key activities after a treatment to allow your body to integrate after a treatment. Depending on the person and their Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) pattern of imbalance, doing light activity, such as taking a walk outside is good.
No, you don’t need to rest after acupuncture (unless you have some specific circumstances).

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Dr. Leila
Generally no. My patients get to rest with needles for approximately 30 minutes and feel refreshed at the end of the treatment.
You do not need to rest but you should avoid strenuous activity, staying out late, drinking alcohol.
What does your practitioner say? Are they fully trained in acupuncture? 3 years of school?
It is not necessary to rest after acupuncture, but I do not recommend vigorous exercise afterwards.
Not necessarily - it depends on what you're getting acupuncture for. I generally don't recommend extremely strenuous activities, like running a marathon, immediately after treatment but you don't have to just rest and be idle by any means.
It's not manditory, but it is recommended. Especially if you feel fatigued after treatments.
It's not a must, but it is recommended. Especially if you feel fatigued after a treatment.
If feels lightheaded or sleepy (normal cases), you do. In general, we don't encourage people to workout or swim right away.
Yes, good question. After acupuncture, you may still lay down on the table for 2 or more minutes. Please don't get up right away, it is not good for you.
It's best to rest and let the acupuncture continue to work after a treatment. It's not crucial, but you get more out of it if you do.
Not necessarily. Patients will sometimes experience fatigue, especially after an initial acupuncture session and especially if that patient has never had acupuncture before. As the patient undergoes more treatment the post treatment fatigue feeling usually goes away.

If you are feeling fatigue post treatment and you have the time, taking a short nap can help. Having a small meal or snack just before or just after treatment can also help.