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Do dental crowns change color over time?

I got 2 dental crowns 3 years ago. The color of crowns changed. Is it normal?

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Crown color do not change unless they are acrylic not ceramic
Dental crowns made out of porcelain don’t change color. If they are made from resin, then the color can change.

Generally, crowns that are only 3 years old do not change color. They may have surface stain that changes your perception of their shade. Likewise, your own teeth, around the crowns, may have stains that affect your perception of the shade of the crowns. See your dentist for a thorough cleaning, then reevaluate the shade of the crowns.
Crowns may stain over time but the color should not change. You may want to try a whitening product to restore the shade to the original. Good luck!
It is highly unlikely that porcelain crowns will change color over time, unless they are made of another material like resin. Porcelain is like glass and impervious to internal staining. It is more likely that the surround natural teeth have changed color. Twice a year hygiene maintenance appointments should keep them looking like new for many years.
No, it is not. It may be staining due to some food that you are eating or drinking such as coffee, apple juice, or soda. Check with your primary care dentist to discover the source of the discoloration.
Dental crown in most instances is stable! Specially with porcelain fused to metal crowns! However if you did get a porcelain crown which is thin, and the dentist used a dual cement, the crown color can change, and in other cases if you do have acid reflux that can contribute to changing the crown color!
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This is all dependent on what material the lab used to make your crowns. I use Zirconia crowns which do not change colors.
Gum inflammation does not go away on its own. It could be mild, moderate or severe. Localized to a specific area or spread out. In most cases it is due to lack of proper dental hygiene, though there are other factors that could contribute to it, like hormonal changes or medications.
It is very important to visit your dentist for an evaluation.