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Do invisible braces work faster?

I want to straighten my teeth with braces. Do invisible braces work faster?

6 Answers

If you are referring to clear aligners. Yes, they do.
There are many advantages of invisible braces such as Invisalign-no wires and brackets, ease of cleaning teeth, no food restrictions, and, of course, they are virtually invisible! However, they are not quicker than traditional braces but it’s actually comparable in time of the patient is compliant (wearing trays as frequently as recommended).
Teeth need to move slowly with light forces. traditional braces and invisible braces will be about the same time frame.
You can only move teeth so fast, so it doesn't matter whether invisible or not. But, conventional wires will always give better results.
Clear aligners and traditional braces take about the same time on average. Traditional braces are still considered by many to give the orthodontist more control for difficult more complex tooth movements. So in some cases it may be faster and better result with traditional braces.