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Does a dental bridge feel natural?

I want to get a dental bridge for a missing tooth. Does a dental bridge feel natural?

4 Answers

Fixed bridges feel natural.
A dental bridge does feel natural. However, the most natural feel for a missing tooth is a dental implant. Explore your options for your tooth replacement with a mini dental implant and a crown. You might find that the total cost is less than the cost of the bridge. Ask your American Dental Association dentist about other options.

Russell A. Sassack, D.D.S. 
It should feel natural after you get used to the replacement area having teeth there again...might take a week or 2 to get used to things. After those few weeks, most people forget that the bridge is actually there.

A dental bridge should feel natural since the shapes of the teeth should mimic other teeth. Flossing, however, is key to keeping it clean and devices are necessary for the floss to fit through. It is important to check with dentist and hygienist.