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Does a fall mark heal on its own, or do I need plastic surgery?

I have a deep cut from a really bad fall. Will this leave a scar? And if it does, can the scar heal on its own or would I need plastic surgery?

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It's difficult to answer your question without the benefit of a physical exam or photos. In general, an injury that goes through the dermis (the collagen-bearing underlying layer of the skin) will create a scar, and the scar never completely disappears--though it does become less red, softer, and less bumpy over time. Any scar matures over the course of a year to a year and a half, meaning there will be improvements in texture and appearance during this time. Plastic Surgery does not take away a scar, but can improve its appearance; there are a variety of treatment options, including surgical excisions of wide or depressed scars, steroid injections for overly bumpy or raised scars, and laser treatments for red or dark scars. Seek out a Plastic Surgeon or a Dermatologist to evaluate your scar and discuss detailed treatment options. Good luck!
Not the simplest of questions. The first is the location and the second the orientation. You will have a scar, but these factors play a role. All scars are initially red and raised. Massage, time, and sunscreen will help to give you the best scar. If in spite of this the scar does not heal to your satisfaction, a scar revision could be considered. This is typically performed with local anesthesia.
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Any cut will leave a scar. The larger the cut, the larger the scar. If both sides of the cut are touching as the cut heals, the scar will be smaller, hence why we stitch/glue/staple them. If you are ever dissatisfied with a scar, you can undergo many different kinds of treatments ranging from creams, injections, and lasers, to a scar revision, which is when one cuts out the scar and closes the area once again and allows it to heal again.
It can, but without seeing the wound it is difficult to assess your scarring. I suggest you consult in person with a board-certified plastic surgeon!
Different scars heal differently. If stitches were used, then usually the scar is neater. So, it really depends on how you treat that scar. There are several treatments that can improve the healing and improve the residual scar.
Falls can create deep lacerations with crushed skin and soft tissue. It can also be severely contaminated facilitating infection. Best you seek medical attention immediately so you may avoid more serious problems later. Also Plastic Surgery consultation would minimize scar formation.
It depends on how deep the wound is. Full thickness wounds require long time to heal and probably require surgical intervention