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Large scar on my hand. Can it be removed?

A while back I burned my hand while making tea and it left a second degree burn. I probably should have gone to the hospital for it but I was young and stupid, so I didn't. But now I have this ugly scar on it, and I just would really like it removed. Tired of being asked about it, to be honest. What's involved in scar removals for burns?

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Hello, scar removal over a hand are very difficult to remove surgically. However, there are other noninvasive procedures and treatments that can help diminish the scar, including lasers such as Morpheus, and creams. You may also visit my website at for further information.
A scar can only be removed if it is small enough that the remaining skin can then be closed over the defect. If the score is too big for that and the scar is thick and raised, Cortizone injections into the score might be considered. This will shrink the scar. Scars shrink and fade considerably on their own over time, but this can take over a year. Since scars will fade considerably with time surgery should not generally be considered until after a year. Some people form keloids, which are particularly large, thick, resistant to treatment scars and pose greater surgical and therapeutic dilemmas for treatment of keloids, a patient should seek someone who has a large experience in this field.
There are some minimally invasive techniques such as dermabrasion that can reduce the prominence of the scar. Alternatively, a carefully matched skin graft may be done. There have been some reconstructive procedures involving the use of epithelial cell transplants and stem cells. These more complex procedures are best performed at a University center using insurance coverage.
Thank you for the question. The scar needs to be evaluated and determine what bothers you. Then an appropriate approach and treatment can be recommended. Please consult a plastic surgeon.

Luis A. Laurentin-Perez, MD PhD.
Silicone sheeting for a year and scar massage with generic lotion for 1 minute 3 times a day
Scars cannot be removed. Time usually improves them and surgery can help to a certain extent but only replaces the original with anonther one. Sometimes this is a worthwhile trade and sometimes not. Discuss your options with an experienced Board certified plastic surgeon.

Dr. Louis Mes
It’s difficult to assess what is involved in scar revision without photos but I highly suggest you see a board certified plastic surgeon. This can be revised and we can always try to improve scars!
If the scar is large, then removal may not be an option, laser and camouflage may be the only treatment.

William A. Stefani, MD
Yes, a scar revision is possible.

Peter J. Simon, M.D., F.A.C.S.