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Does acupuncture help nerve pain?

I have neck nerve pain. I want to get acupuncture treatment. Does acupuncture help nerve pain?

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It the nerve is trapped in your vertebrae, no
Yes. Acupuncture will help you relieve from nerve pain. Have you ever did some test for your neck. If you did. Please bring the test report when you go to see an Acupuncturist. It will help a lot. Thanks!
It can, depending upon the root cause. If there is a neurological issue, that will need to be addressed. If there is a functional reason for this, that will need to be addressed first (for example; if some action or activity you are doing is causing it). Have you seen a chiropractor, neurologist or orthopedic doctor? Are you on any medications that have nerve pain as a side effect? Once the cause of the nerve pain has been identified, and traditional medicine can not help (or even if it can), then try acupuncture. So long as there is no physical reason for it, acupuncture can help by promoting healthy Qi and blood flow and restoring balance. Good luck!!!
Absolutely, especially for CNT nerves or after chemotherapy side effects for nerve damage.
With acupuncture, cold laser and herbal therapy.
Absolutely! Nerve pain occurs when there is a blockage of qi (energy) and blood flow in the body. If qi and blood don't flow freely, our cells and tissues dont receive the necessary nourishment for our bodies to perform optimally, therefore, creating discomfort and pain. Acupuncture works wonders for neck pain. Aside from needles, acupuncturists can do a myofascial release known as a Gua Sha treatment using a handheld tool to help bring blood flow and circulation to the surface of the muscles and skin and help roll out any "pulled muscles" and achiness. It is like getting a generous massage catered to your preference of pressure. Adding the necessary acupuncture points with electrical stim helps to fatigue muscles and create a more relaxed environment for your nerves and essentially leave you feeling better than when you initially walked in for your treatment!
Yes acupuncture can be effective for nerve pain
Yes. Acupuncture is used for all types of pain including nerve pain.
I have helped my patients with complaints of neck nerve pain. Assuming it’s not a condition due to a direct physical injury/impingement I believe the condition may be resolved with acupuncture. Ask your primary to see if alternative medicine would be a good idea.
Yes it does.
Hello, thank you for your question. Acupuncture treats pain, which can include nerve pain. If you have nerve pain in your neck, it can be for different reasons, but the most common reason we see in clinic day in and day out is an impingement from bulging discs in the neck. And yes, acupuncture can help with this, both pain and the underlying injury causing the pain. Best of luck with your neck, thank you.
Yes, acupuncture is great at helping nerve pain.
Yes, Acupuncture can help alleviated the nerve pain, by relaxing the nerve and promoting the blood flow to the area.
Yes it does. Acupuncture specifically address nervous system
Yes, Acupuncture is great for all kinds of pain, even phantom pains where the nerves are being triggered for areas of the body not even there. We have different ways of needling depending on the type of pain i.e., skin deep, in the muscles, nerves, or in tendons/ligaments. Acupuncture can even help rejuvenate damaged nerves and stimulate the growth of nerves in cases of severe damage.

Since your pain is in the neck, there might be a spinal alignment issue. If that is the case I suggest a chiropractor. The two medicines are synergistic with each other. It depends on the cause of the pain and I do not know your history so it is difficult to determine if it is an alignment issue or not.
Yes. Acupuncture, combined with massage and herbs, can help relieve nerve pain gradually.
yes, I encourage you to book a session with your practitioner of choice to get help with relief.
Yes you can use acupuncture to treat nerve pain
Yes, it will help nerve pain.
It certainly can. For instance, I treat sciatica (which is pain of the sciatic nerve) all the time and very successfully. Check with the practitioners nearest where you live (for your convenience) and ask them about your situation.
Yes, acupuncture can help with neck nerve pain.
Yes, acupuncture can usually help reduce or eliminate nerve pain. For neurological issues, sometimes patients are looking at longer treatment times.