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How often should you have acupuncture treatment for headaches?

I have headaches and will start acupuncture treatment next week. How often should you have acupuncture treatment for headaches?

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Acupuncture with herbs, and sometimes massage, can help you get rid of your headaches. It depends on your conditions and the capabilities of your provider. It's hard to tell you the exact number of sessions. In my experience it can take from 5-10 sessions for this problem.
1-2 times per week.
Regular headache conditions should be treated twice a week for three-four weeks. But in some, the chronic cases can go three-four times a week to four-six weeks.
It depends. If they are hindering your ability to function then 1-3 times per week until the problem is under control. I encourage you to book a session with your practitioner of choice to get help with relief.
Three time a week .
It really depends upon how severe or debilitating your headaches are. Are you on any medication or NSAID's for them? Are you seeking care from a specialist? They may be able to weigh in on this. With acupuncture, it is important to look at all the body systems to make a diagnosis, a Chinese Medical diagnosis. We take into account the whole person and not just the condition. It is very hard to say how often you should get acupuncture or for how long/how many treatments. What you are eating (or not eating) may be causing the headaches. Not being hydrated enough, possible food allergies, not enough sleep or poor sleep quality, possible toxins in your home or work environment may be a factor in why you are getting headaches. I think it's wise to check in with your doctor and get blood drawn to see if there isn't something going on systemically that can possibly shed light on what is causing the headaches. In the meantime, drink plenty of water, get at least 8 hours nightly, stretch daily and especially before bed. Tight neck and shoulders can often cause or lead to headaches. Get a cervical pillow to use while sleeping and see if that doesn't help. Good luck and feel better.
Acupuncture works great to lessen the intensity and frequency of headaches! Your acupuncturist should diagnose your symptoms and put together a plan of action that depicts how many treatments are necessary and how often you will need acupuncture to get the results you desire.

We've been successful in helping many patients deal with their headaches and migraines:
The frequency of acupuncture treatments will depend on the chronicity of the condition and your personal response to acupuncture. Some may take longer to respond to acupuncture treatments and therefore need more frequent office visits or may be very sensitive to acupuncture and will require less frequent visits. It is best to get assessed by the practitioner and ask for his prognosis. Of course, check with your primary treating physician (PTP) to see if alternative medicine would be a good option for you.
Hello Fred, Headache is a complicated condition (stress, environmental, genetic, and more). You may be treated by an acupuncturist for at least 4 to 6 sessions or more once or twice per week. Once the symptom is subsided or manageable for daily functions, you can revisit for treatment as needed.
It depends on the severity and longevity of the headaches, but typically
I need to know your specific symptoms.

It is usually recommended to start twice a week to obtain the best results and then decrease the frequency if the therapy is successful.

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You should be evaluated in person because everyone is different but at least twice a week at first should help a lot.
I think twice per week is good !
That depends on your acupuncturist. Each has their own style. I would treat you twice a week until the headaches stopped between treatments, then I would go to once a week, then every other week, and so on until you only needed periodic tune ups to keep them away.
How the treatments are spaced will depend on the severity of your headaches and how often they occur.

For extremely severe (i.e. debilitating) headaches occurring 4 or more days per week, I'd expect to treat 2-3 times per week for a couple of weeks. Usually that's enough to bring the severity and/or the episodes down that weekly treatment will continue to provide traction on the issue.

For less severe and/or fewer episodes, one treatment per week for several weeks should help to get you where you want to be.

Please make sure you're seeing an actual NCCAOM board certified and state licensed acupuncturist rather than a chiropractor or PT. To find board certified acupuncturists near you, go to and use their find a practitioner lookup.