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Does it hurt to have a lipoma removed?

I am a 37 year old female. I want to know if it hurts to have a lipoma removed?

9 Answers

Depends on the size and location. Generally, people do well and don't need any pain medication other than over the counter meds after.
It is a small surgery, post-op pain should be minimal.
Having a lipoma removed is usually a short surgical procedure (same day). Typically patients will have some post-operative discomfort at the incision site which will resolve over a few days.
You will have some pain at the incision site
In general, it isn’t very painful. In fact, some patients choose to do it under local anesthesia and are back to work the next day.
It depends on how big the lipoma is but in general it is not a very painful procedure and should only be sore for a day or two.
Yes, all surgical procedures cause pain.
You'll generally be sore for a few days. The amount of pain will depend on the size and location of the lipoma.