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Does massaging gums help receding?

I am a 30 year old male. I want to know if massaging gums helps receding?

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No, receding gums is caused mostly from bone loss, over brushing, and having thin gums.
You should be brushing in the groove where your gum and tooth meet whenever you brush. You don't need to have a separate step to massage the gum. You can also scrub to hard and increase the recession.
It helps with the comfort and increasing blood flow to the area but the damage is not reversible, the only way to recover exposed roots is by having periodontal grafts.
How you massage your gums makes a big difference. With the correct usage of the toothbrush, the gums stay healthy, otherwise, not.
No gum recession had different reasons. Once the cause has been determined the treatment will be advised by your dentist. There are different ways to deal with gum recessions but the best is to first cure the cause.
Stimulating your gums with massages will help increase blood flow to improve circulation. This is good for many reasons and will help somewhat the recession. Just make sure your fingers are clean!
When the gum tissue that surrounds the tooth pulls back exposing more of the tooth or tooth root, this is called gum recession or receding gums.
Improving oral hygiene, gum massaging which increases the blood flow to the gingival tissue, and bacterial agents can help reduce receding gums.
Should sensitivity in that area occur, visit your dentist whereby restorative or surgical procedures can be done to reduce sensitivity.
Thank you.
If the gums have already receded, then no massaging them will not make them go back to normal. Gently massaging them with your toothbrush while cleaning them will prevent the recession from getting worse.
Gently stimulating the gums can be helpful when they are inflamed, but if they are already receding it could actually make things worse if you aren't careful.