Dentist Questions Dry Mouth

Dry mouth

What can my husband take to get rid of dry mouth besides brushing his teeth? He has drank a lot of water, but it doesn't help. He has two big soars in his mouth.

Male | 46 years old
Medications: Thyoid meds
Conditions: Thyroid

5 Answers

Rinse mouth with warm salt water, use topical orabase ointment on soars or gentian violet paint, Tylenol for pain.
I recommend Biotene, all day dry mouth spray, or act dry mouth lozenges. There are prescriptions available but I do not recommend this. As for the sores he should probably visit his dentist for further evaluation.
He needs to go visit a dentist and have the dentist check his gums teeth and the inside of his mouth. If he does not do that it will not get any better. There are a number of things that can cause this and to go to the dentist is the best way.
Some medications can cause dry mouth as a side effect, read the medication insert to see that possibility
Thyroid meds can help contribute to dry mouth syndrome. Sugarless sucking candies will help encourage saliva flow. Products like Biotene rinse and toothpaste will also help.