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Dry rough spot on ankle that tingles?

Hi, I have developed a dry, darkened area of skin on my ankle. I never had eczema before but I think it's like that. When I press or rub along the area, I get tingles going down my foot and up half of the leg, almost like a nerve-type sensation.

I have had this for at least 6 or maybe 8 weeks. I am maybe 20 pounds overweight. Not on any medication or hormones. Is this something to worry about? Could it be a blood clot? I also sometimes get numbness here or there, like my circulation gets cut off as I am sleeping (in my arms, usually).

Female | 42 years old
Complaint duration: Months
Medications: None
Conditions: Fibromyalgia

2 Answers


This type of rough patch sounds like a condition called lichen simplex chronicus, which can be caused by and exacerbated with chronic scratching/rubbing. Usually, treatment consists of topical creams and avoidance of scratching and it does not signify anything dangerous. Please have it evaluated by a board-certified dermatologist.


Darshan Vaidya, MD
This sounds like sciatica. See your dermatologist to help with the rash and the orthopedist for the sciatica.

Suzanne Sirota Rozenberg, DO, FAOCD, FAAD