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Enlarged prostate?

I am getting up 3-4 times a night to pee sometimes only 30-40 minutes apart. It's also dribbling after affecting my sleep pattern badly. Flow is considerably slower than used to be and taking a lot longer to go. What can I do?

Male | 66 years old
Complaint duration: 12 mths
Medications: nil
Conditions: nil

5 Answers

You have typical symptoms of BPH /enlarged prostate. This can be fully evaluated and treated by your primary doctor or a urologist.
You can try Flomax 0.4mg a day and if that does not work, you need a look in the bladder to rule out a urethral structure causing the obstruction.

Dr. Niko Lailas
Yes, it could be your prostate. I recommend you talk to your doctor about trialling a medication to help relax the prostate and improve your flow. The medication is known as an alpha-blocker. You should also have a prostate examination and urine test and your doctor may wish to consider a prostate blood test also, called PSA.
You need to see a urologist. You are 66yo and have BPH symptoms of an enlarged prostate and an irritable bladder from it! Treatment is easy...
Prostate problems need a urologist, not a Colon and Rectal Surgeon.