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Gallstones help?

I'm worried I've had pain on both sides under my ribs and around my back on the right side. Also, I've had nausea and some vomiting, pain is worse after eating. I have diarrhea every day and my color is a bit pale. I saw my doctor sent me for a scan which said couldn't see part of the gallbladder so was inconclusive but the doctor still thinks it is gallstones or to do with the gallbladder, she also said that if the pain gets worse go straight to ER, the pain has gotten worse. I'm at higher risk of covid am I doing any damage by not going to ER? I have a number of other things including Polycythemia, chronic back problems, and pain, thyroid disorder, and migraine.

Female | 50 years old
Complaint duration: 6 months
Medications: Aspirin, ixprin, eltroxin,femanex,ambitripaline,
Conditions: Polycythemia, chronic back pain, thyroid disorder

2 Answers

If you have gallstones and the pain is from an inflamed gallbladder, then waiting can result in perforation or sepsis. If the pain is severe then you need to go to the ER. It would not make sense to perish from an untreated gallbladder while not getting covid.
No easy way. You need to see a physician.

George Bone, MD